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This page will link you to Samurai Items. Samurai Armour, Samurai swords and much more. High end Samurai sword TAKA KATANA Sword Type: Shinken (Razor Sharp Katana) Sword Weight: 1.1kilo = 2lbs4oz without bohi, with bo hi 2lbs (Without Saya) Overall: 104cm/40inch with Saya (Scabbard) Nagasa(Blade length): 28.4/29/30inch -respectively Tsuka(Handle length): 10.6/11/11.5inch -respectively Kasane(Thickness): 9/32" (at Habaki) Blade Made: SkyJiro Forge’s Oroshigane (Hand Forged & Folded from Pure Iron Carbonized Piece) (Kobuse Construction with Iron ...

Balisong Taping

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There are a few reasons for Balisong taping. One is to protect the balisong,the other is to protect you.In the following article I will cover the “how” and “why” for taping your balisong.I will also cover options other than Balisong taping that are quicker,cleaner and in my opinion a better solution. Some people are balisong “collectors”, some flip and or actually use our balisong as an EDC. Some people fall somewhere in between. I personally …