Balisong Knives

Balisong Knives

Stallone and Imada

Imada teaching Stallone

Here are a few options for Balisong knives. There are trainers, High end Balisong knives,Baliyo pens and bottle opening trainers that you can take anywhere knives are not permitted. We will spotlight and review knives in our monthly blog as well.

BRS Butterfly Knives

One of my favorite makers, I consider this a Mid-level balisong meaning it is not a cheap CCC but it is not a $1000 custom butterfly knife. Priced well and built to flip.

Blade Runner Systems is a knife company founded by balisong flippers and knife enthusiasts. Their mission is “to produce high performance balisongs, edged tools and gear with the design philosophy centered around balance, precision and quality.”

Butterfly knife Alpha Beast Infinity
Barebones Balisong knife
Premium Replicant Balisong
fan knife baliosng
Balisong knives Benchmade 42

Discontinued Benchmade 42

Benchmade Balisong Knives

Since the company’s founding in 1988, Benchmade has been making quality balisong knives. Arguably, the Model 42 Benchmade is the most popular balisong ever made. Unfortunately, the 42 has been discontinued, but today Benchmade carries on the tradition of high-quality balisong knives.

Benchmade 51 balisong
Flytanium scales
benchmade 67 fan knife
balisong trainer

Microtech Balisong Knives

Microtech Knives Inc. was established in 1994 with a simple mission: To make the best possible knives. This mission is still true today.

Tachyon III butterfly knife
Metalmark custom reptilian fan knife
Tachyon II Balisong knife
Tachyon II block spacers

Bear and Son Balisong Knives

Bear and Son Cutlery has a rich tradition of high quality knife making. Bear knives are comfortable in hand, a beauty to behold, and still tough enough to go the distance. Everyone respects a bear!

5in-burgundy fan knife
Pink Balisong knives
Butterfly trainer
Bear and son

Baliyo Butterfly Pens

Practice your butterfly flipping skills with a fully functional pen that’s unlike any you’ve ever seen before. The BaliYo can go with you anywhere, and it will provide you and onlookers with limitless entertainment.

spyderco-baliyo black
baliyo grey

BBbarfly Butterfly Knives

Get a BBbarfly and impress your friends by opening up your drink with style. The BBbarfly has a handy bottle opener on one end, but it also allows you to practice your flipping skills to your heart’s content.

BBBarfly Black