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If you are someone who enjoys collecting, flipping or just enjoys seeing a Balisong in action then this site is for you. I`m hoping to build a community that shares videos,artwork, tattoos,stories,contests and events. Post links to a variety of Balisongs and or anything relating to the Butterfly/Fan knife.

Balisong Knives


BRS-Replicant Premium White

On the Balisong knife page I share links and photos to get you to the knife you are looking for,whether it be an economical trainer or a priceless collectable. This site will do the footwork for you, list current Ebay , Amazon, private collections, a huge catalog from Blade HQ and many other distributors. I only display a small sample of knives on the page but the links will take you to a much larger assortment.

Balisong Tattoos

Welcome to the “Wall of Ink”. Here is where we strut our stuff,displaying our Balisong tattoos. So to all the passionate flippers out there send me a pic of your Balisong/Butterfly knife tattoo and I will post on our wall for all to see. If you know someone with a Balisong tattoo snap a pic and post (get permission of course). I will credit you,the tattoo artist or


Balisong Tattoo

whomever you prefer. If you are an artist and want to sketch out what you think would be a cool Tattoo including the Butterfly knife I would be happy to post and share your link. This page can only work with your participation so please share. Send tattoo pics and or artwork to Thx.

Balisong Misc.

balisong books

balisong books

On the Misc. page I share links to tshirts,caps and whatever else I can find with the Balisong image on it. We will also list books that can help educate and  teach you about the Balisong and/or the art of flipping. If you know of a product or site with these type of items please share.

Balisong in the movies,tv shows and video games

spy balisong

spy balisong

Here I list movies,tv shows and video games where the Balisong makes an appearance or two. I will share youtube clips with some of these scenes as well. Again if you know a movie,tv show and or video game that I have not listed hook a brother up and let me know.

Balisong History

Oldest Known Balisong

Pied De-Roy

On this page I do my best not to ramble on and jump all over the place but it didnt work. Anyway, its a breif history of the Balisong and the controversial origin. The info was gathered from books I read,discussions with people that have researched this subject matter far more than I and the world wide web.

Balisong Tutorials, club links/events and contests

These pages will provide you with Tutorials, Club links, current events and contests. If you are someone that is part of a club or holding an event/contest I would be happy to post a link and or share the info on this site.



This site is new and always under construction so there is more to come.  With the support of the  community it would be great to have Flipping contests via video. This would allow flippers from all over the world to participate. So check back often.

Thanks for landing on my page,please share and spread the word of this site and would also like to hear feedback from YOU the Balisong community.